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The Walking Braindead | Phone Slaves 2019

Are the children just watching phone addicted parents and copying Mommy and Daddy? Or are the children learning this from other children, sort of "monkey see... monkey do.. ?"
Are there are good parents even out there who recognize any of this as abnormal behavior? Or they are all normalized at this point?
The topic of conversation should not be this argument... If you would be so ignorant as to plead the case that your children are benefitting from this phoneslave mentality you will not have long to wait before your family unit collapses. 
When the smoke clears, you will have to blame yourself as the adult who was just following the main stream of things oblivious as to the repercussions of participating in something en masse without investigating prior to participating.
Most people before they jump in a bath will dip a toe in the water to see if its a comfortable temperature before they get in... This same precaution should be conscious in the mind of anyone about to jump in a…