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What Happens When You Look Down At Your Cell Phone

Other Titles:

Wo of looking down at your cellphone device
Indirect consequences of looking down at your mobile device
The Vice of Devices endless loop Strategem

Forget the fact they say due to overuse (AKA being a phone slave) that everyone's necks are becoming weak and this posture is also creating new types of back/spine related issues.

---This is not the real problem... it's only a smokescreen for something bigger---

Some real non-educated persons consider the current situation of 'playing with devices' as a form of evolution, as if this behavior is evolving humanity... how crude an observation.  (See the article on "What is Mental Retardation" for more info)

This posture of staring downwards is however symbolic in the way of the phone user(slave) submitting(bowing down) to his master...

You can imagine the master staring down at all those slaves in hypnotic submission and the master thinking...

"Wow! The results surpassed our expectations... Wide scale retardation"

or on another level the master could laugh to himself about...

"...these slaves actually pay for me to further enslave them... incredible! Without such fools... I would never be a master..."

Dear Reader, don't get scared, keep reading, if you control your ego and pride, you can make it a few more lines.

So the master has you staring down at the phone... he experiments with you... with signals of all sorts and with psychology of all sorts.

The master knows you can't see signals, he knows you can't see psychology.

Yes! We see phones and phone towers... but the signals are invisible so we figure they have no physical effects on us...

We look at the phone screen, pretty colors, we tap, swipe, type messages, texts, emails, hear notifications and on and on.
We do all these things; we consider it all normal...


As mentioned, the master has slaves as an experiment.

One small part of the objective of the experiment is to keep you looking down.

Since the master has succeeded at this objective, we should ask ourselves...


The master does very evil things right in the open, so everyone sees.

Phones and devices are in the open; this allows all the slaves to consider the collective behavior as normal.
If everyone is involved in something, the average person observing this behavior would never consider the entire collective 'wrong' in such a decision. Therefore the master broadcasts in the open to desensitize any objections to the behavior.

Cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, police brutality and corrupt leaders and institutions... These are also in the open. Adding to the effect, the master uses the media outlets such as publications (magazines, newspapers), television, radio and the internet to promote these vices to achieve a wider audience and overall acceptance.

These things have something in common... They create varied emotional responses affecting our behavior.

The phone also crates emotional responses from the slaves through the signal(s) and what we look at, touch and do on the screen.

---You should be concerned at this point of the article, if you are feeling argumentative towards the topic; you may need to measure the expressed observations yourself in real life. Alternatively, you may be in denial that the topic holds merit, this is a symptom of the ego rejecting the fact that you could be wrong about decisions you really didn't make yourself to begin with. Suppressing your own pride, leaves the mind open for reality to set in ---

OK, maybe signals and mind control via a pocket sized super computer is too deep for you. Go look in a public place and watch your fellow humans for a little while and if you see the bulk of them looking down... accept it is happening... then decide for yourself why it happens and for what purpose and what benefit.

Now the article will transition to something more easy to digest and available for you to measure... your own emotions. You know, the emotions you thought you were in control of. Please read on, the transition of this article below is fully relative to and constructive towards understanding the above article. This transition is built for you to comprehend the overall subject more easily.

What else does this 'master' do?

The master also sends planes in the sky. The planes pump out gases into the sky. The gases turn into what most non-educated people believe is a cloud.

If you watch the so called 'cloud' you will notice after some time it spreads out over the entire sky. Sometimes very thin white-hazy vapor and other times a total whiteout, similar to what the weatherman calls "overcast". However the planes create this artificial overcast, it is actually the byproduct of what starts as a 'chem-trail' (chemical trail).

Most sources will tell you this trail behind the plane is a result from thermodynamics; this is a plain lie, period!

Does vapor come out from airplanes?  Yes, I agree, it does. 

Clouds do not begin life as a straight line of vapor from airplanes people!
Vapor should not come out from airplanes, linger indefinitely, expand and cover the entire sky!

No one looks up...

Most non-educated people will look briefly at the sky, consider the vapor trail a cloud and simply look away...

Ponder, how can a mental slave be expected to rationally or critically think about anything considering what they are already being subjected to?

Some theories why chem-trails are dropped in the sky are as follows;

1. Control the weather (this is part of a very valid theory)
2. Neurotoxic gas to control people (something like aspartame or sucralose gas maybe)
3. Destroy water and/or soil (also an interesting theory)

There are many theories, but instead of hypothesis', how about something measureable? Something realistic we can all measure by our own observations, using our own eyes, our own brains and decide ourselves instead of relying on endless theories.

FYI - the planes fly and dump gases all year round, however in our climate, observations and measurements are most profound in the spring and summer AKA the sunny seasons.  Keep reading, you will realize exactly why the sunny seasons are exploited.

It's very simple why they chem-trail the sky... to create an emotion... just like everything else.

All these mixed emotions, this keeps you unbalanced, the more unbalanced the slaves are, the easier they are to further exploit.

So it's summertime, fun time! Everyone loves summer! Even you, the Average Joe or Average Joanne.

You (the average person) wake up, look outside and... OH NO! The chem-trails have fogged out the sun 100%. You're not really aware it's chem-trails to blame because you never learned any of this until now. Considering the weather is now 'ugly' this will affect your mood as well as how you schedule your day.

If your work calls and asks if you 'want to pick up a shift' to make some extra money, you might think...

"It's a horrible day outside; why not go to work instead"

Alternatively you may decide to stay indoors and do something less than productive and/or you will deviate towards one of the masters other devices in most cases otherwise. Either way, you will not be enjoying the outdoors, interacting with other humans or breathing fresh air.

Whether the sun is fogged out 100% or 10% the end result is a more negative emotional condition as compared to a pure blue sky.

When the sky is clear and blue, most people are lively and more energetic, they want to "go out" and "do something", perhaps enjoy the beauty of the Gods creation or head out into nature. 

Blue skies mean that schedules be

come open, attitudes are positive. These are facts! Only a hermit, commenting robot or narcissist would disagree. ;)
(View article: Commenting Robots; for more info on this terminology)

It does not benefit the master if on Wednesday a few slaves call in 'sick' because they want to enjoy the beach.
It does not benefit the master if on Wednesday the sun begins to shine and those slaves at work are wishing they were not working and were outside instead. This could equate to rebellious slaves, the emotions they generate could become contagious, perhaps resulting in 10%-20% less efficient workflow for that day.

The slaves may even start trending this new "thinking brain" thing... They might start revising their own schedules and getting creative developing interesting excuses not to attend work on a perfect sunny day. For example;

Tomorrow, if it's this nice out...

..."I'm calling in sick..."
..."I'll pour coffee IN my computer to escape this place..."
..."I'll get a doctor's note and go hiking..."

This type of "thinking" the master does not want. It is a formula for his own disaster. So, what is the best way to stop this "thinking" problem from arising...?


The same formula applies to students and those who work from home as well. The more time your inside, your home, school, car, office etc... The more the master can manipulate you further into slave-dom. Using visuals (staring at a screen, publications, advertising), audio (hearing radio), or any other communications medium the master uses to control and indoctrinate you non-stop!

Who ever thought that an invisible signal could be a source of addiction? What emits these signals?  Televisions, phones, radios and lights to name a few.

How can you be expected to believe any of this?

This week you can measure it yourself, it's very easy, its free and after you come to this one conclusion, you can start to realize the master has you looking down for his own benefit, then you may start to dislike the feeling of being exploited and take measures to remove and/or reschedule specific exploitive tools you are consenting to use.

How to measure whether the blocking of the sun is affecting you emotionally?

1. Look at the sky;
2. If the sky is blue, write down how you feel and what you would like to do today;
3. If the sky has been chemtrailed, write down how you feel and what you would like to do today;
4. If the sky is in the process of being chemtrailed, you will see the line of vapor, once the process is finished you will see the light haze and/or a total whiteout covering the sun. Again, write down how you feel and what you would like to do today.

After time, you will know the difference between natural clouds and chemtrail built clouds. You may also find instances of natural clouds in a blue sky.
One observation you may experience, is when you look in the direction of the sun itself through a natural cloud, the sun is normally 'less' bright and looking in the direction is not painful as the sun shaded by the cloud. Conversely, if you look in the direction of the sun through an artificial cloud built via chemtrails, it is nearly impossible to look anywhere in a direct line towards the sun. (Note: observation is through a mild white haze of chemtrail)

Sadly, everyone is already indoctrinated, desensitized and normalized to consider this collective slave behavior normal because it must be normal if the masses of humanity do it...

Truly amazing! Your moods and emotions have been exploited to such a degree that even obvious chemicals in the sky you will still call a cloud...

If you can recognize 1 thing...


You should then start to do the opposite. Once you look up, the cloud issue will be clear to see. From there you will begin to see other exploits also right in front of you.

The moral of this story is:

While you were looking downwards at a vice, something was

The moral of this story is:

While you were looking downwards at a vice, something was happening upwards.
What happened upwards was further pushing you towards more vices.


Next Weeks Article:
Why do Women always hold the cell phone, even while the phone is not in use?


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