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Why People Always Hold Cell Phones?

Why People Always Hold Cell Phones?

Alternative Titles:
Why  People always hold cellphones?
Why I hold my cellphone?
Why can't I put my cellphone down?
Am I possessed by my cellphone?
How phones control your mind?


Objective/Purpose: To discover and discuss possible reasons why women and men are constantly holding phones while walking, sitting and otherwise.

Observations: During public observation on men and women, noticeably a much larger percentage of women can be seen holding phones although the phone is not being used.

Rationale & Reasoning: Ruling out that a majority of users are business persons or waiting on a life changing phone call or message. Assuming more realistically that these people are only "recreational" users or people who primarily use the device to communicate and entertain themselves.

Some may argue that they hold the phone because they "are waiting" for a message or phone call. Although irrational, that is one argument most people have (un)consciously decided is the best to satisfy their own ego.

If you ask them "why do you always hold your phone? they in truth don't actually know...

Example of why holding the phone due to waiting on a call or message is irrational - For example: If I put popcorn in the microwave to cook, now I am waiting for the popcorn to finish... must I "hold" or "hug" the microwave for the process to complete? No. The popcorn will pop, just like the phone will still function regardless if I hold it or not.

Therefore they don't "need" to hold the phone while waiting, they just "do".


So let抯 look at 3 different reasons why people believe holding an idle phone is justified and what this behavior proves based on the reasoning.

A total of 3 reasons are not the only possible reasons, but the following 'reasons' are broad and general enough to recognize as common reasoning from the average person.

1. Holding the phone is "normal"
2. Holding the phone for "security"
3. Holding the phone due to physical/mental attractions to the device

First point in focus;

It's "normal" to always hold a cell phone...

We can all agree that if your home phone rings a normal reaction is to pick it up, look at it, and decide to answer or ignore the call. This we can consider a normal process.

Using the same example of the home phone, would you consider it normal if the home phone was not ringing, that you would hold it in your hand all day in the house? No, this is not considered normal; it makes no sense to do that.

Another perspective is snice we see everyone constantly in public with a phone in their hands, this has become normal and therefore if I hold phone in my hand also, I would not be abnormal, I would be normal also because everyone else is doing it...right?

This might be the case if the answer to "why I always hold my phone?..." was "...because everyone else does" but most people will disagree that is the reason why they hold the phone.

However, in general, if a majority of people do something, the average person will also follow this behavior without questioning why... because how could all these people be wrong?

Also, (sub)consciously they will justify this en masse reasoning to themselves even before they attempt to find out whether what they are doing is actually healthy. The average person will come to the conclusion that "if everyone is doing it, it must be OK" and then they will simply do it, without looking into why.

If we admit today smoking is harmful and therefore we don't smoke. However, tomorrow everyone we see is smoking. Do we now consider it normal behavior if we then begin to smoke?

No, because we know if we follow this behavior we will be physically and mentally effected and ultimately dependent and/or addicted to smoking.

But, if I was not strong enough to resist smoking and being "normal" like everyone else and I began to smoke, would I notice or measure the negative effect it has on my currently positive "health"? Yes, definitely!

On the other hand, if I was a smoker already, seeing more people smoking would only give me reassurance that what I do is "normal" and I would continue to behave this way. Also, as a smoker my "health" (physical and mental) is already corrupted, so I would not notice or measure any positive change.

I would simply remain in a progressively unhealthy pattern of health due to this smoking behavior.

You may re-read the smoking example above and replace the word "smoking" with "playing with phones" and contemplate whether you consider this still rational or applicable to you.

So on the focus point of using the phone because its "normal", we discovered;
Yes, deciding to answer or ignore a call is normal behavior when it rings.
Yes, carrying the house phone everywhere waiting for it to ring is abnormal behavior.
No, it is not normal to follow the majority if this will affect my "health" negatively.

I have now alluded/hinted that a phone effects your health negatively so let抯 look into this further using the next point in focus;

A phone is a physical object. You can touch and feel it and you can hear and see it. A phone also has many signals that you cannot touch and feel or hear and see.

Let抯 look at the physical object first and what attracts people to them. In general, the developers and manufacturers of phones have put in a lot of work to attract you to the devices physically. (It's their job to do it!)

Let抯 look at the phones properties relating to;

The Attractions...
Visible properties of the phone. Meaning, properties of phone that you can touch, feel, hear or see.

Touch and Feel:

We can agree that the design of a phone and phone screen is nice to touch, it's very smooth, the rounded corners are soft on the device and many home, power and volume buttons are also designed so they are attractive to the touch.

This is not done without a purpose; the purpose is to entice the phone user to use the device more.

You can observe this in any public place, people holding phones that are not "in use" - rubbing the screen in a trance, the corners, the buttons and so on. Sometimes the thumb is just "hovering" over the button in a semi-paralyzed state.

This is a result of extensive research and development with the purpose of attracting you and is one physical reason "why" you always hold your phone.

Another psychological reason you may touch your phone can be observed in public as well. For example: If you see someone in public who is not touching their phone (let抯 assume Person1 has her phone in her pocket) and Person2 walks by on the phone. Person1 will see Person2 and "impulsively" go in her pocket, grab the phone, and begin to "do something" with the phone... not because the phone was ringing or an alert sounded, only due to seeing someone else on a device.

This disturbed impulse can be seen frequently. Actually, 1 person can set off an indefinite "chain reaction phenomenon" in crowded areas, where the original Person1 can "trigger" Person2, Person2 can trigger Person3 and so on... you can test this yourself - it works!


A phone makes sounds for calls, messages, alarms etc. These sounds are normally customized so without looking, a phone user knows whether it抯 a call, message or alarm by the sound itself. This can effectively allow a person to prioritize/schedule what to interact with based on the sound.

For example: If you are waiting on an important phone call, you won't bother if 10 SMS alerts are heard and 100 social media alerts are heard, you only care about hearing the "ringer" sound.

However, in this article we are assuming the majority are already at the level of "always" holding the phone, therefore we can assume if someone is already holding the phone, they are not of the mindset to prioritize anything and any tone will entice them to interact with the phone.

Likewise manufacturers "default" tones as well as the output frequencies (sounds) are composed, designed and researched with a goal - that sound, that ding, that bee-boop, that boing is a trigger, designed to attract you.

The "chain reaction phenomenon" also applies if someone simply hears a phone sound. You will see them begin to play with their device, not because it is the same tone and they think they may have a call - because the trigger sound attracted and motivated them.


Phones are nice to look at. OK yes. Some think they are elegant, status symbols, fashion accessories, etc. Some may hold the phone so others will envy them, however the majorities we will consider are not egotistical selfie monsters... the majority see the phone for what it is, "a magic screen".

Most people are familiar with what Feng Shui is - It is the art/science/manipulation of using specific colours and patterns to influence people to do something.

For example: If certain tones of green are used in a selling environment, this will soften people to buy more.

This is exactly what is happening on your phone screen.

Colours, shapes, effects, transitions and the specific positioning of those elements on the screen... not by accident, not built by 2 college guys in a garage... built by teams of researchers and scientists with 1 common goal... attract you and engage you... in other terms, addict you!

These are condensed evidences regarding touch, hearing and seeing that relate to the physical tangible phone itself.

Now you can yourself stop and physically review your phone and see if the 3 senses are engaged and attracted... if so, you have found real reasons "why" people always hold the phone.


We can agree that iPhone, Samsung, Sony, etc. are full of researchers and scientists of the highest educational caliber and have designed phones and hardware which have attracted he senses of touch, hearing and seeing of the majority of humanity, this we can agree...

So what about Verizon, Bell, Sprint, T-Mobile? The "providers" or simply the guys who built those ugly cell phone towers and give us the magic invisible phone, message and data signals.

Are they nerds in a garage? No, they are also scientists.

Those invisible signals you can touch and see with the right equipment, but the average person does not know what those signals actually are, they think they are as harmless as clean air...

To see the signals constantly exploding violently next to your head as you use the phone you can use a gauss meter which measures electromagnetic-radiation or as the scientists call it, EMF, electromagnetic frequency.

Signals touch you and travel through you all day long at various levels of frequency bands and radiation. Its' OK, scientists built it all, so hold it, be directly connected, it抯 good for you!

The Attractions...

Invisible properties of the phone. Meaning, properties of phone that you cannot touch, feel, hear or see.

Hearing: A dog whistle operates at a tone/frequency the human cannot hear, if you blow it, you (the human) hear nothing, but dogs will hear it and freak out.

The phone signal works on the same principle. Person1 calls Person2 > Person1 phone fires radio signals to the cell tower saying "connect me to Person2" > cell tower says "OK" > cell tower fires radio signal to Person2 saying "Person1 is calling...ring, ring, ring" > when Person2 accepts the call, firing radio signals go back and forth from phones to towers, towers to phones until the call ends... just like invisible laser beams only using radio waves.

Only thing is, you cannot hear the sounds of those invisible radio beams with your ears, however your brain and body might react to those beams when you抮e always holding the phone because even when a call or txt is not being sent or received, the phone is "talking" to the tower.

The phone fires a ping signal or a "hello tower..." to the tower > the tower fires back a signal saying "I hear you phone, here are 3 bars, your OK!"

This conversation continues 1000's of times a day. Invisible laser radio beams you can't hear that have fancy names like spectrum, band, radio frequencies, 600 MHz, 1200 MHz band, etc.

Some people say "does it work on that provider?" this means... does it work on that radio frequency band... same thing!

Look into microwaves, radiowave, electromagnetic radiation... these are still considered experimental technologies.

Do the signals, sounds, look and feel of the device attract you? Is it a conscious decision to hold a radioactive experimental device constantly?


So why are people always holding the phone? Do they "want to"? Is it is a conscious decision to just hold it?

We examined some of the facts of the physical properties of the device. The Feng Shui of the look and the scientifically designed feel and the recognizable sounds it makes...

Is it one of these which is prompting people to hold on in an addictive state, modifying behavior and physically and mentally degenerating themselves?

Or is it the invisible properties of the phone, the signals, the radiation, the dog whistle radio waves you can't hear?


It is clear to observe there is a reason, if the reason is due to actual physical properties, we can conclude the scientist design team has achieved its goal of having users "hold the phone"

If the reason is due to invisible properties, again, the scientists achieved the goal.

If the reason is people simply "want to" then those people have now been introduced to health effects in this article they should seriously consider and actually understand.

Yet, this is understood that if it is not healthy to hold a radioactive device and yet you are holding it...

If we conclude that you if you know something is unhealthy, and yet you still do it, you are not consciously making that decision yourself, so factors outside of your own reasoning and decisions are "influencing" you or deceiving you to hold it.



Please make your own observations first -
1. Observe yourself: are you affected?
2. Observe others: Is this proper behavior? Do you really want to be like that?

Attempt to rectify yourself and others if you are affected;
Challenge yourself to leave your phone at home 1 day a week;
Team up with others and create other times to leave the phone behind;
Find other things to do...with people!

Once you observe this behavior is so universal, you should realize this is not coincidence.

If your happy to be part of an experiment and being blasted with radiation, then go back to sleep, you may be so mentally unhealthy and effected that even when the truth through evidence is shown to you, you will reject it out of ignorance. It is much easier to accept a lie as truth than to admit to yourself that you have not been thinking for yourself whatsoever.

If you are unhappy to be a test subject in an experiment, and you have observed this public behavior as strange, take steps to detox yourself and others you care about. You can find information on how to detox from technology in the links below.


-How to detox off technology (tri-fold flyer)


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